Student Short ‘Sidetrack Theatre: The Path Unwinding’ to Premiere at Made In The West Film Festival

By November 18, 2015 Congratulations

Congratulations to 2015 Metro Screen Diploma Graduate Nawal Abdi, whose short documentary Sidetrack Theatre: The Path Unwinding has been selected to screen at Made In The West Film Festival at Paddington RSL on 26 November at 6pm.

Sidetrack Theatre was established in 1979 by Don Mamouney whose vision was to produce innovative theatre to reflect multicultural working class Australia.

“Our notion was that we’d never perform in theatres—theatres were for the bourgeouis,” reflects Don. “What we wanted to do was perform for ordinary people; the kinds of people we found in our communities.”

Although based at Addison Road Community Centre Marrickville, in its 30 years of operation, Sidetrack Theatre entertained audiences in schools, workplaces and community centres across working class and regional Australia.

Here’s a sneak preview:

For more information visit: Sidetrack Theatre: The Path Unwinding Facebook Page.