Sound Designer Needed for Short Horror/Thriller

By June 29, 2015 Jobs

I’m seeking a passionate sound designer for a 25-minute short called Darkness.

The horror/thriller has been beautifully shot and performed (picture 99% locked off), but it has been clear from the beginning that it’s a sound and music film. There is huge scope to create mood and atmosphere through the use of sound design. I want the sound designer to take initiative and produce something unique and powerful.

The story follows a young girl who discovers a boy held captive in a barn and helps him escape. There is a thrilling scene where the girl is locked in an oven and chased through a battery hen shed. The film is ripe for some incredible sound.

I fully value the skills and experience of sound designers, however, due to the low budget nature of the film, I regret I cannot afford to pay full rate for the work.

I’m looking for expressions of interest from sound designers who could take a look at the picture and decide whether it is something they would enjoy designing for and putting in many unpaid hours. I am happy to take on less experienced practitioners for the chance to learn, provided the turn around can be within eight weeks.

If you have access to a studio through your work or a friend for final mixing, that would be ideal; or, we can look at paying for one.

Many thanks,
Will Faulkner