Sound recordist design kit for sale

By July 24, 2014 Jobs, Uncategorised

Sound recordist, sound designer kit for sale. all the gears are about one year old and have been used with great care. It’s a reluctant sale and $1100 is the final price.

Check the following link for more information

It’s a basic professional kit to capture quality audio on set; lightweight and easy to operate. Everything you need to record audio for movies, shorts, documentaries, sound design, etc. and audio post production. No upgrades or extra gears needed; it took me a while to put it together and I am selling the kit as a whole.

Gears list:

-Zoom H4N recorder with 2Gb memory card
– Rode shotgun microphone NTG3
great microphone, it comes with 9 years warranty left from the manufacturer.

– Rode blimp wind shield
9 years warranty left from the manufacturer.

– 2 x KRK Rokit 5 studio monitor
basic studio monitors for post production, sound design, etc.
– ART 2 channels Phantom power supply
it’s a must have peace of gear on set; providing phantom power to a condenser microphone without it, will consume the batteries of any battery powered audio recorder in 5 minutes;
– 2 Shure ULX84 lapel microphones, receivers and power supplier. 3-4 years old microphones but still in good working order.

– 3m aluminum boom pole with adapters
– MIDI keyboard
– North face waist pack
– 1x 3mXLR cable, 1x10m XLR cable, 3 XLR connectors, 2 XLR female to 1/4 male

Any inspection or questions are welcome. Pick up from redfern
alberto 0435598650