Sound Recordist Required For One-Week Shoot (Paid)

By June 10, 2015 Jobs

A dialogue-heavy feature comedy requires an experienced sound recordist who can ensure consistent, level, clear sound. An excellent sound recordist is pivotal to the film because it turns almost solely on conversations.

Roommates is a non-PC comedy in the style of Borat, South Park or Clerks but tamer in the sense that the outrageous humour comes more from words than actions.

Having your own equipment (boom mics/lapels mics) isn’t essential, but would be highly preferable, as this is a micro-budget film.

Although this is a feature, we aim to keep the time-commitment small, filming in just seven days. This will entail morning to night shoots, but you can stay on-set at our Kingsford (Sydney) location.

Pay: $300 + profit share

Shoot dates: 11–17 July 2015