Stand In My Shoes

By October 16, 2012 Events

Stand In My Shoes is a crowd-fuelled social change film that exposes what President Barack Obama has coined as the ’empathy deficit’ in our world. The film will examine new scientific research confirming our 24/7 technology driven culture may be creating an empathy deficient generation ill–equipped to deal with world problems, despite being increasingly connected. Director, Kurt Engfehr leads the team of socially conscious film-makers, Anna Reeves, Elizabeth Nakano and Vivienne Somers on their journey to expose the looming crisis of an empathy lacking culture and the counter movement of “social revolutionaries” who are fighting to create a more compassionate world in the 21st century. The distribution deal announcement comes at a critical time for the film-makers Anna Reeves, Viv Somers and Elizabeth Nakano, who are running their first crowd-funding campaign via Kickstarter to support the film, which has raised over $30K of the $50K goal. Prospective pledgers have up until 22nd October 2012 to secure a much sought after Executive Producer credit and Internet Movie Database (IMDB) listing.

Stand In My Shoes is slated for premiere in January 2014, and will have a multi-platform online release at Sundance with theatrical planned for both Australia and the US in the same year.

View trailer and pledge your support on kick-starter: