Studio 54 Party: SFF Hub Closing Night

By June 9, 2015 Events

To celebrate 54: The Director’s Cut—the restoration of the original—join DJ Jonny Seymour and friends in a disco party of epic proportions that will summon the spirit of the legendary venue.

WHEN: Saturday 13 June, 9pm

WHERE: Festival Hub downstairs at Sydney Town Hall


54: The Director’s Cut is the story of Shane, a gorgeous New Jersey busboy played by Ryan Phillippe, who discovers that his body is his entry ticket into New York’s decadent and highly exclusive disco party scene. Plucked from the behind the velvet ropes outside Studio 54 by the club’s lecherous gay owner, Steve Rubell (Mike Myers), Shane leverages his sex appeal by flirting with everyone—and sleeping with most—to land a job at the club, work his way up to bartender, and leverage that for a short-lived place among Gotham’s upper-class elite.

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