Summer In Motion: ACMI’s Holiday Program for Kids

By November 24, 2015 Events

ACMI has a wide array of entertainment and activities in store for kids this summer holidays. From movies, creative workshops and video games to interactive exhibits, animated GIF making and a disco, ACMI’s got it covered.

Travel deep into the heart of the Sri Lankan jungle with the latest Disneynature movie Monkey Kingdom and meet the macaque monkeys of Castle Rock, a solitary mongoose, as well as a sloth bear and her cub; get festive with Michael Caine and everyone’s favourite muppets in The Muppet Christmas Carol—a fantastic adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic story Ebenezer Scrooge; or, embark on an adventure with William ‘Bill’ Shakespeare (Matthew Baynton) as he leaves his family home in Stratford to find fame and fortune as a playwright in Elizabethan London.

For children who would like to explore their creativity and develop their technical skills, ACMI has three exciting workshops on offer in January. Make a Movie is a three-day hands-on filmmaking workshop for kids aged nine to 12. Movie Mavericks is a three-day workshop for kids aged 13 to 15 who are ready to learn the more advanced aspects of the filmmaking process, including screen storytelling, lighting, sound design and post-production. Claymation for Kids is a one-day workshop where kids aged 8 to 11 get to sculpt a clay character and bring it to life with sets, studio lighting and sound effects.

There’s plenty of free stuff as well. Kids can engage with stunning interactive exhibits at Screen Worlds: The Story of Film, Television & Digital Culture, open from 10am to 5pm daily; embark on an exciting treasure hunt through Screen Worlds Animation Trail; and bring their best party outfits and karaoke singing voices to a good old fashioned pre-Christmas disco in The Cube on 19 December from 3pm to 3:45pm.

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