Sydney Film Festival – Free Online Publication to Celebrate 60th Anniversary Year

By March 27, 2013 Events

The Minister for the Arts, George Souris, today launched a free online publication to celebrate the 60th year of the Sydney Film Festival. This groundbreaking initiative is a world-first, designed as a digital-only publication with thousands of pages of content and images, creating something so large it could never have been printed. To finance the new technology needed for the project, City of Sydney bestowed Sydney Film Festival with a special history grant through their History Publication Sponsorship Program. The online publication is relevant to the ongoing research and recording of the City of Sydney as a city of villages and as a global city.

This ‘living archive’ was made possible through SFF’s partnership with digital pioneers Realview. “This free digital archive provides a thorough historical overview of the festival, which has challenged, delighted and entertained Sydneysiders for six decades,” said SFF’s Festival Director Nashen Moodley. “Within its pages you will find a multi-layered, multi-dimensional chronicle of Sydney Film Festival – its past, present and future, seen from many perspectives and told with many voices. It is an amazing resource full of multimedia, interviews and analysis of the history of the festival, its relationship to the local and international film industries, its position in cinema history and its role in the development of local art, culture and entertainment.”

Sydney Film Festival 1954 to Now: A Living Archive features:

·         37 essays or over 35,000 words of original writing, interviews and research about the festival from cultural commentators and film writers such as David Marr, Dr Gregory Dolgopolov, Garry Maddox, Eddie Cockrell and Sandy George as well as former SFF directors David Stratton, Paul Byrnes, Gayle Lake, Lynden Barber, Clare Stewart and the festival’s first director David Donaldson
·       Over 10,000 words of memories and stories from festival goers
·       Searchable list of all 8580 films that have ever screened at the festival
·       Over 1000 archived photos
·       Over 450 pages of material (channeled through 86 key pages)
·       Over 50 archived videos including award-winning short films, news clips and trailers
·       All 59 complete program guides and previous retrospective publications (25 years and 40 years), adding up to over 3000 more pages of material
·       Is free and available to stream live online
·       Is readable on all tablets and computers
·       Features a range of downloadable material such as essays, programs and catalogues
·       Hosts a range of multimedia including film footage, audio, and over 1000 archival images
·       Can be easily shared via over 300 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger and Tumblr
·       Has an ISBN number, allowing it to be catalogued and accessed through library collections
·       Is a living, breathing record designed to grow as Sydney Film Festival does
·       Is open to audience contribution through the ‘Join the Discussion’ page

View the archive: