Take Part in ABC iview’s ‘Moment of Truth’ Series

By December 9, 2015 Entries

Are you facing a difficult life decision? Do you have a secret you want to get off your chest? Are you about to experience a life-changing event? Want to share you story?

Fredbird Entertainment is looking for people to take part in a documentary series that explores life’s twists and turns, and you don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to get involved.

If you’re moving towards a life-changing moment or have an incredible personal story to share, then we want to hear from you. You could be about to have your first child; perhaps you’re planning to confront your cheating ex; maybe you’re about to meet your biological parents for the first time; or, you could be fresh out of prison and starting over again.

Whatever your story, if it’s intimate, honest and has impact, we’re into it! And the best part is that you’re in control of the storytelling. You are the writer, director, presenter, camera and sound person of your very own film that may feature in ABC iview’s up-coming Moment of Truth series.

To Apply: Grab your smart phone or video camera and tell us, in two minutes or less, your name, age and where you live, and describe your up-coming moment of truth and how it makes you feel. Are you scared? How do you think will your family and friends react? Why is the event, decision, or revelation so important to you?

Send your videos to mot@fredbird.com.au along with anything else you think we should know, and we’ll tell you more about how you can become one of Australia’s storytellers.

No story is too intense. No moment too provocative.