The 5th Shadow – Kickstarter Campaign

By February 5, 2014 Events

This is your opportunity to support a truly unique low budget Australian feature film.

The 5th Shadow is the journey of Henry Blank. A burnt out artist, hell bent on revenge after he discovers his wife of twenty years is going to leave him for an older man. Henry’s form of revenge however is unlike any other.

The film is a deep exploration of the human psyche. It explores themes of betrayal and forgiveness, loss of identity, birth and death and what might occur outside of those limits.

The 5th Shadow is now in the final stages of post production and has taken 8 years to get here. The team behind the film are reaching out for a little more support so they can complete this behemoth of horror and beauty, an epic Australian film unlike any other.

For as little as $5 you can contribute to the completion of The 5th Shadow. In return you will receive posters, a copy of the film, your name in the credits, tickets to a premiere screening of the film, you can even be in the film as a voice on one of the many radio programs that occur throughout the film, and if you want the director will even come and cook you dinner and show you sections of the film.

We urge you all to throw your support behind The 5th Shadow and help us realise the film’s full potential.


Dates: February to March 2014

Prices: Various, starting from $5

Facebook: 5th Shadow

To get involved, and help complete the film, head to:

The 5th Shadow Kickstarter Page