The Afterlife

By July 25, 2013 Events

The Afterlife is a 2D adult animation series with a comical take on the greatest issue that plagues mankind, our mortality. The Afterlife follows the journey of six main character; Mea, Aunt Sue, Thor, Angus, Mother Earth and Death (Grim) through their passage of life.

Each episode will feature a death. Through every ‘coming soul’ (recently perished) we explore different social, cultural and religious expectations and attitudes towards death. For one’s condition after death depends on one’s behaviour and beliefs in life.

We haveĀ 39 days left to reach our target of $7,000. If we are short of this goal then all funds raised will be cancelled and we will receive no funding. Currently we have reached $1,100. It’s a great start. Anything over our goal will go a long way in the production process. This financial support will help recruit a team of animators and artists to get the pilot episode started.

The funding will be used to finance the following aspects of the pre-production process:

*Character designer

*Layout artist

*Voice Artist/Actors

*Storyboard Artist


This is a BIG project and a team effort is needed to make this innovative idea come to life! I am seeking interest from animators and artists who like the idea and want to be a part of the project.

See the potential this show has and get behind it. Become a supporter of The Afterlife!

To help out, follow the Pozible funding link here:

It will be a dream come true to see people interested and invested in The Afterlife animation series.

Please support this creation and help itĀ make its stamp on the National and International markets.

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