The Art of Seeing

By July 24, 2013 Events

Visual Branding Workshop
Images speak to the quality of your brand. Engage your online community, build loyalty, and attract new clientele as you shift your perspective and discover the secret ingredients to capturing creative and brand enhancing images. Find the splendour in the mundane with this unique workshop and
see your everyday world a little differently. Limited to 40 people.

Where: Flow Athletic, Paddington

When: Friday July 26th, 2 to 3.30pm

Cost: $39


Hands On Creative Capture Workshop
Building on the fundamentals learned in the Visual Branding Workshop, revel in a 3-hour shoot fest side-by-side with Pete Longworth. Enjoy a rare opportunity for immediate professional insight and learn how to take captivating pictures, anywhere, on any camera. In this new era of digital creativity, this hands- on session is an ideal social media junket as we roam, point, shoot and post. Limited to 15 people.

Where: Cooper Park Cafe, Woollahra

When: Sunday July 28th, 2 to 5pm

Cost: $79

I work with a local visual artist & photographer, Pete Longworth, who traverses the globe in search of the road less travelled. Born in Wee Waa and living between Manly and NYC he is offering four workshops called The Art of Seeing before he heads off on his next adventure. He has several workshops coming up in the Manly & Bondi communities. As Pete sees the world differently, the way in which he presents photography is not through the lens of a DSLR but more from the way you actually view the world. He works to help you shift your perspective and see the world a little differently which he translates through his workshops in an engaging and uniquely charismatic way. In a time when we are all so busy, with our heads down on our phones, this provides people with an access to slowing down and appreciating the world around us, while at the time learning to take amazing pictures.

A little bit of info about Pete. Recently, Daft Punk commissioned Pete to go to Wee Waa and create their visual campaign for the launch of Random Access Memories. Through that he created TheRoadToWeeWaa series on YouTube and created one of the “most successful campaigns in music history” He is also a spokesperson for Nikon and has been a guest speaker at Apple. Here is a video from his latest Apple talk: