The Fire Burns On: Images From The Redfern Tent Embassy

By April 29, 2015 Events

In a world saturated with images, some cut through the clutter.

The Fire Burns On—a photographic exhibition by a diverse group of artists—documents the first year of life at The Redfern Tent Embassy, located at ‘The Block’ in Redfern, Sydney, an area rich in Aboriginal history.

The Tent Embassy began as a single tent set up on 26 May 2014, by Aboriginal elder and activist Jenny Munro, and quickly mushroomed into a small village of tents around a campfire and communal kitchen. The protest was asserting sovereignty while championing low-cost housing for Aboriginal people. Today, ‘The Block’ faces the looming likelihood of commercial re-development.

The Fire Burns On, which opens on 13 May at 6pm, is part of the annual Head On Photo Festival, Sydney’s biggest celebration of photography. The exhibition runs until 28 June.

Images from the exhibition will also be screened at the one-year anniversary event for the Redfern Tent Embassy on Tuesday 26 May.