The Quarantine Hauntings: An Australian Horror!

By January 19, 2015 Events
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The Quarantine Hauntings is the first self-funded feature by Producer/Director team Bianca Biasi, Rebekah Biasi and Arnold Perez.

This horror/thriller is based on haunting stories from Sydney’s infamous Quarantine Station. It was filmed at the historic site, too.

The Quarantine Hauntings completed Post Production at Metro Screen.

“Metro Screen staff went far and beyond to ensure they gave us the support we needed to make our project a success,” said Bianca. “We will definitely work with Metro Screen again.”

With a starring cast that includes Lauren Clark, Elizabeth Wiltshire, Dalisha Cristina, Darren Moss, Jack Marshall, Jenna Edwards, Bailey Skelton, The Quarantine Hauntings opens on five Hoyts Cinema screens this week:

Don’t miss it!