Trasharama-agogo Stalking Short Films!

By August 12, 2015 Entries

Trasharama-a-gogo ‘the nastiest short film program in Oz’ is stalking new sick and twisted films for the 2015 program, which will premiere at Melbourne’s Monsterfest this November.

We’re hunting down short schlock, horror, sleaze, grindhouse, slasher, creature or bad taste comedy short films; the nastiest ones we can find. Entrants will be in the running to win the prestigious Golden Lomax Award and the snazzy Best Monsterfest Short Award.

If your film is chosen to screen at Monsterfest, you will also have the option of screening it across Oztralia on the Roadkill Roadtrip Tour. Dates to be announced.

Trasharama-a-gogo is unique in the sense that we don’t give a damn if your film is 20 minutes old or 20 years old. We also don’t care if your film is shot on an iphone6 or a Hasselblad H4D 200MS. If it’s made on a welfare cheque or Uncle Wez Craven’s borrowed equipment, give it a crack!

Deadline for Entries: 13 September 2015

To enter go to or

Stay sick freakers!!