TV Producer for TV Thriller ‘Jack Down Under’

By September 28, 2015 Jobs

Four part series: ‘Jack the Ripper’ sails to newly federated Australia to wreak havoc!

Seeking a producer who can see the series be commissioned by the ABC or SBS.

It’s 1901 federation and Australia is finally free from England’s grasp or is it? A series of horrific murders of prostitutes in St Kilda, Melbourne and Surry Hills, Sydney confound the police. The public demand answers and the task to solve the murders is given to Detective Clem Belgrove.

On Valentines day he receives a letter from ‘Jack The Ripper’ who gives clues only the killer would know. Belgrove contacts Scotland Yard who confirm the clues and send their top Detective Thomas Sotheran to finally catch the Ripper. There is an immediate dislike between the two detectives as Belgrove utilises for example Aboriginal trackers to stalk Jack whereby Sotheran uses old-fashioned English means to try to catch him. Thus begins a brilliant cryptic cat and mouse triangle between Jack and the two detectives.

The series investigates fate, insanity, racism, coincidence, redemption and evil.

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