Two New Innovative Tools for Producers Launched by FanDependent at SPAA Conference

By November 26, 2013 Industry News

Releasr platform launched with Demand Map and Ambassador Screening Tool.

FanDependent, one of Australia’s most innovative film distributors, has launched a new venture, Releasr with two new tools for producers at the annual Screen Producer’s Association of Australia (SPAA) Conference in Melbourne. connects filmmakers and producers directly with their audience and facilitates decision making based on interest in the project, location and demographics.

The “Demand Map” tool in Releasr builds a visual representation of audiences around the world as fans “demand” to see screenings of films in their area. It enables producers to make better decisions about where to market, distribute and screen their films, while enabling them to gather a database of fans demanding to see their work.

Through the “Ambassador Screenings Tool”, filmmakers can independently distribute films directly to audiences anywhere in the world. The tool creates a new platform for filmmakers allowing them to turn any living room, cafe, community hall, lecture theatre, etc. into a cinema for their film. Fans can host their own screening parties where they can charge admission, enabling them to earn money for being an official “Ambassador” of the film. The tool helps filmmakers generate additional revenue and more awareness for their films.

“The premise behind Releasr is that audiences are engaging with films differently with the plethora of digital tools available. The old model of putting films in cinemas and hoping audiences would show up does not work for new filmmakers or those working with a small budget. Releasr will help these filmmakers find their audience across the world – opening up revenue streams and mini-cinematic experiences where previously there was none,” said Thomas Mai, CEO of FanDependent.

“Technology has been a great facilitator for the filmmaking industry. On one end of the spectrum, more people have become filmmakers using cost effective digital tools and devices. We want to put these filmmakers in touch with their audiences so the ease of marketing and distributing films inspires more people to get into the industry. On the other end of the spectrum are the audience who want to discover and experience these films in new ways, which is why we built Releasr,” added Mai.

FanDependent was launched in May 2012 by Josh Pomeranz, Managing Director of Spectrum Films, and Thomas Mai, former film producer and Sales Agent (Trust Film Sales) after they won Screen Australia’s Innovative Distribution grant (2011). FanDependent helps filmmakers communicate directly with their fans and build an ongoing relationship that spans the lifetime of the creator – making them not independent, but fandependent filmmakers.

Releasr is open for sign up at: