Videographer/Editor Needed For Surf Documentary

By April 8, 2014 Jobs

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Duke Kahanamoku Surfing at Freshwater Beach. This date is one of the most important anniversary’s in Australia’s rich surfing history. The Dukes Day celebration is organised every year, by a dedicated group of volunteers and local businesses, all committed to celebrating the day accordingly.

There is a secret project about to kick off to help commemorate the day, and we need a Videographer/Editor to help document this project.

It is all very hush hush at the moment, but it will be a fairly simple undertaking, ideally suited to a film student, who absolutely loves surfing. I know you’re out there!

There are some other very cool details about this job that can’t be released right now, but if you would like some more information, please contact: