Videomaker, Editor & Camera Operator Available

By November 26, 2015 Jobs

I’m Marcello Marchesini, a creative video maker with 10 years experience in television, advertising, internet, wedding movie and cinema.

I have been a video maker since 2005, attending to all aspects from pre-production to the completion of the project. I can provide my own equipment.

I’m just arrived two weeks ago with my soon to be doctor wife. I’m a bright person but also I’m very dedicated to my biggest passion, video.

I’m hoping to settle in Sydney and I am looking to start some good quality work as soon as possible. I’m a skilled videomaker, capable to direct, but also shoot, edit, and I also got some good animations skills to top everything up.

At the following links below, you can see:

– the showreel of my italian advertising&creative post-production studios (That’s Motion)
– the showreel of my italian film production company (Agata film):

Thanks for looking into this.