Volunteer Audio Editors Wanted – Powerhouse Museum

By November 11, 2013 Jobs

Volunteer Audio Editors wanted for Powerhouse Museum.
Volunteers Audio Library Project – Powerhouse Museum Volunteer Program.
Project Length: Saturday 23rd November to Sunday 8th December 2013.
Location: Powerhouse Museum Volunteer Centre, Harris Street, Ultimo.
For more information contact:
Dawn Rose: Fri Sat Sun Mon 12noon to 2pm on 9217 0463 or: dawnr@phm.gov.au

We have captured 30 audio recordings of 5 to 15 minute talks given by our volunteers who range in age from 18 to 80 years of age. The talks are about the history and social impact of iconic objects in the Powerhouse Museum’s collection, and we want your help to edit these audio pieces.

The Volunteer Task:
The sound was recorded on professional equipment away from background noise and is clean and crisp. We need volunteers who have some audio editing to enhance the talks we have within the style guide given (think Radio National).

The audio pieces will be added to our archives at the volunteer centre of the Powerhouse Museum, broadcast internally within the organisation through our volunteer blog and used as training materials for new volunteers learning to deliver talks and tours within the museum.

Your Skills:
You should have some skills in audio or video editing. You will need to provide your own laptop with sound editing software such as Audacity, or Audition.

Dates and Deadline:

Museum Induction and Project Intro: Saturday 23rd November 2013,  11am to 1.30pm
We will allocate audio files and give you an overview of the volunteers audio library project.
We can provide some hands on help, tea, coffee & a comfortable room for you to come and edit on the following days:

Sunday 24th November 10am to 2pm

Sunday 1st December  10am to 2pm

Saturday  7th December 10am to 2pm

Sunday 8th December – Delivery Day!

The benefit to you:
• Work on an interesting spoken voice project with stimulating content
• Gain experience in audio editing
• Gain experience working in a museum context
• Networking: meet and work alongside fellow volunteers with similar skill base.
• You will receive reference from the Powerhouse Museum for the work you complete on this project.
• You can use the audio piece you work on in your reel / portfolio / resume
If you are interested in working in radio, audio archives or in collecting oral history this may be really great experience for you to add to your resume.