Young at Heart Culture Club – More Than Honey

By February 24, 2014 Events

The Young at Heart Seniors Film Festival has launched Young at Heart Culture Club, a monthly event for grown ups, held at the gorgeous Erskineville Town Hall in Sydney’s Inner-West. Each month, an exclusive daytime screening with a talk, Q&A or discussion. Come chat with us about movies and the arts over a (free) cup of tea!

New documentary MORE THAN HONEY is a fascinating look at the current global honey bee crisis.

Over the past 15 years, entire colonies of bees have been decimated, but the causes of this disaster remain unknown. 50% to 90% of all local bees have disappeared, and this epidemic is still spreading from beehive to beehive – all over the planet.

Without bees, there is no pollinization, and fruits and vegetables could disappear from the face of the Earth. Apis mellifera (the honey bee), which appeared on Earth 60 million years before man, is as indispensable to the economy as it is to man’s survival. How will we live without it?

The screening will include a Q&A with Urban Beehive’s Vicky Brown, live honey extraction & tastings, and a market stall selling homemade honey products.

When: Thursday 27th February 2104, 10.30am (doors open 10:15am)

Where: Erskineville Town Hall

Cost: $6 if you’re over 55 ($10 otherwise)

How to book: Buy your tickets at the door, online or by phone (02 9550 2266)


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